Organizing & Storing Holiday Decorations

Now that the holidays are over and we leave the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season behind us it’s time to turn our minds to storing and organizing those holiday decorations. In order to make it easier for you next year it makes sense to get all the ornaments and holiday accessories stored in an orderly fashion and all in one place.  There’s nothing worse than rummaging through bins and boxes trying to remember where you stored your lights, ornaments and decorations for the season.

With that in mind, here are some easy tips you can use for storing your holiday ornaments and decorations.

I find it very helpful to use bins that are colour coded to help distinguish the box for Christmas from the box for Halloween or Easter decorations.  Stores typically carry a variety of colours now so it’s pretty easy to get colour coded bins.  Green and red bins for Christmas, orange for Halloween and maybe yellow for Easter.

It’s always important to label all sides of the bin as well as the top so that it’s easy to read what is inside. Also make sure the writing on the label is large enough for you to read if you keep your bins up high.

One of my clients told me that she hates it when bins are stacked on top of each other because that means she has to physically move one or more to get to the one on the bottom.  This makes perfect sense.  That’s why I recommend storing bins on a shelving unit to keep them separate and easy to retrieve as well as return.

One very important tip is to ensure that your container is waterproof, especially if it’s kept in the garage or basement where moisture can be a problem.  Pests can also get into some bins so make sure the lid is tight and preferably one that has a lock over mechanism.

Before you store everything away take a review of all the items you have.  There may be decorations you no longer like, don’t use or are broken.  There is no sense in storing these things taking up valuable space when they are either not needed or really wanted.  Throw them away or donate.

You may find you have feelings of sentimentality towards certain items.  Perhaps you are keeping them for your children or they are heirlooms from past holidays handed down through the generations.  Be sure to clearly mark and store these with bubble wrap so they stay safe and intact. If these are ones that you typically do not display at all, make sure you keep them in an out of the way location from the rest of the holiday decorations.

Many stores carry organizing containers specifically for ornaments, wreaths, lights and even artificial trees. For trees specifically you can purchase either a tree bag made of sturdy fabric with handles with or without wheels, or you can purchase a tree bin which typically holds up to 8 foot trees.  Many can be found and ordered on-line as well so performing a Google search will give you lots of options to choose from.

We all know the holidays can be a very hectic time of year.  Take care and effort now in storing your holiday decorations so it’s more effortless and enjoyable next year.