Organizing Your Golf Bag

Organizing Your Golf Bag

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This latest blog is courtesy of my guest blogger, Doug Ward.  Enjoy!

I recently went away for a week down south with my wife and another couple. One of the reasons for the destination of choice was the amazing golf course situated beside the resort. The first 9 holes of the course are not all that great however the back 9 follow the scenic ocean.  Every hole was a challenge and the scenery was spectacular with huge ocean waves smashing into the rocks as you took a shot.

Upon our arrival for our first game I was a bit embarrassed as I was searching my various golf bag compartments for the things I would need for the game.  All the while my playing partner had already calmly retrieved his glove, tools and ball like an organized professional. Here I was tossing out Kleenex, mints, sunscreen etc. looking for what I needed and all the while becoming more and more frustrated while my blood level rose. Not a good way to start what was supposed to be a relaxing game of golf.

Golf bag manufacturers give you a lot of pockets on a golf bag for a reason.  There are many types of golf bags out there and mine is a mid-range bag with a good amount of pockets.  After my embarrassing ordeal I decided it was finally time to put those compartments to good use and get my bag organized.

Right after the game (which was played in record time of 3 hours), I emptied everything out of the bag.  You’d be surprised what I actually found in there. There were of course golf balls, tees, gloves, ball markers, as well as Kleenex (used and unused), sunscreen, wrappers, a screwdriver (!?), rain coat, old gloves, etc.

To get the golf bag organized I placed all the golf balls in one of the largest compartments at the front of the bag.  The tees went in a smaller compartment and the golf glove I use every game was placed in one of the small side compartments. All these items are used every game so they were all in the upper compartments of the bag and easily accessible during the game. Most bags also have an insulated compartment on the side for water and a large side compartment is a great place to keep rain gear if and when needed. If you wear a watch and normally remove it for the game like I do, make sure you put it in a safe zippered compartment and don’t forget to take it back out when you’re finished your round.

Sunscreen (a must for every golf bag) was placed in one of the small side pockets together with clean tissue. All garbage, wrappers, old gloves and broken tees were tossed out.  For those of you that are truly disorganized in your golf game don’t forget to put your clubs back in proper order in your bag for easy retrieval when you need them next. Golf clubs and shoes should be cleaned after each round to remove any dirt and protect your investment.  Shoes should be kept in a special shoe storage bag.

Somebody once said that the game of golf is played between the ears so why add to the stress of an already mentally challenging game by having a disorganized bag? Play smart and take 15 minutes to get your golf bag organized. It’ll be worth it.  I promise.


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  1. These tips are helpful. A well organized golf bag can save time and effort in looking for your golf apparels. Don’t forget to bring with you your golf rainwear for change of weather.