Start Procrastination Week With 3 More Ways to Organize With Evernote

Start Procrastination Week With 3 More Ways to Organize With Evernote

Organizing your home and life with EvernoteWith this week being National Procrastination Week, what better way to kick procrastination to the curb than to provide you with 3 more ways you can get organized with Evernote.

1.      Workout Schedules

With all the time you’re bound to save from organizing the rest of your life, you may have time to hit the gym. For people who want to workout but can never find the time or don’t know where to start, check out this article.

That takes care of the how. As for the when, Evernote can be integrated with Google calendar so that you can visualize when to do what.

2.      Google Calendar

Expanding upon the previous point, a great way to stay organized is to post Google Calendar events to Evernote as notes. Every event you make note of can be synced across all your devices, be it your trip to the gym, your kids’ extracurricular events or your down time with your significant other.

3.      Photos of Boxes with Listed Contents

Going back to that daunting task of organizing your house physically, on top of everything else it’s capable of doing, there are ways Evernote can help organizing your house too.  While the application can’t offer an extra set of hands, it can help you stay organized in the future once the dirty work is done. Try this:

  • Organizing contents into boxes that are clearly labeled
  • Take pictures of these boxes in which the labels are visible
  • Title the pictures of the boxes accordingly with the labels on the boxes
  • Add a list of contents as a note

From now on, if you’re ever looking for an old jacket, a toy, or any household item, you’ll be able to search for it in Evernote and then locate the box.

So here you have 3 more ways to start the process of organizing your lifestyle. While Evernote is a simple organizational tool, the level of organization depends on you and your creativity in terms of using the app to cater to your needs. Have fun and good luck!