10 Secret Places To Find Extra Storage

10 Secret Places To Find Extra Storage

understair-storage-spaceThe truth about storage is that you can never have enough.  As an organizational specialist I am constantly thinking about new and creative ways to bring more storage to my clients’ homes or offices.  It doesn’t matter whether your space is small or large.  Even in a larger home clients seem to grow into their homes, perhaps buying more than they need simply because they think they have more space.

So here’s my ten secret places to find extra storage:

  1. Wall partitions with built-in storage compartments.
  2. Vintage leather or wicker suitcases that can be stacked to serve as an end table or coffee table and also provide hidden storage for your video or CD collection, photos or files.
  3. Headboards that have storage shelves.
  4. End tables or coffee tables that have shelving underneath with or without drawers.  These are great for storage of family plays board games or cards, videos and even those remote controls.
  5. Empty luggage which can storage off season clothing if your closets cannot accommodate all of your belongings.
  6. Storage ottomans with not only tops that open, but the ones with lids that flip upside down for multi-functional use as a tray/side table.
  7. Baskets. They come in every conceivable shape and size and can be utilized next to a chair, under a bench or stool, inside a closet and even attached to a wall.  They can hold everything from photos, extra paper, toys and even towels.
  8. Benches that open are another great secret storage space.  With a safety latch, your kids may even think this is a great hiding place!
  9. Steamer trunks can be both a coffee table, an extra place for linen storage or serves as a great costume trunk for dress up.  Make sure you have a safety latch on these trunks as the lids can be quite heavy for small children.
  10. Hollow architectural columns are a great idea if you are doing some renovating and are looking for a creative way to add storage. Make them hollow and you can add shelves or a door on either side.  If you paint them the same colour as the walls they will not stand out as much and actually blend into the walls.

If you are looking to simplify your home, find secret storage spaces and get rid of clutter in your home or office, these ten tips for finding news spaces to store everyday items will help you get organized so you have more time to relax, enjoy every day and the spend more time on the things that matter the most to you. What are some secret storage places you have found?

3 thoughts on “10 Secret Places To Find Extra Storage

  1. Great article, it really peaks my interest. I am always short of space at my home office. Looking forward for more related post. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you James. Home offices can be a real challenge with the need to not only store office supplies but also reference files and files for immediate action. Not to mention all the paper that flows through! I will definitely post again on office organizing. Have a wonderful weekend!

      • Built-in storage always looks sophisticated, saves space and can further add to the function of your rooms. Always try to plan for the maximum amount of storage possible: from drawers carved out under the stairs, to built-in shelving and closets — one can simply never have enough.