5 Stressbusters To A Happier, Uncluttered Life

5 Stressbusters To A Happier, Uncluttered Life

Clutter free living roomHere’s the thing. After a relaxing summer, September can be a truly stressful month for everyone.  People are back to work and the kids are back to school and all of a sudden there are a lot of activities and events scheduled.  It seems time is at a premium.

September means lots of physical, mental and emotional clutter

September is often a time when my clients feel a lot of physical, mental and emotional clutter.  Therefore, what better time than now to talk about some stress busters to help you get through this month with ease.


Have a home for everything

We all know that it’s tough to find things we want when we need them.  In order to avoid this, make sure everything you own has a home.  A distinct place where the particular items always lives.

Get control of your paper

Looking at a huge pile of bills or any mess of papers, whether it be on your desk, your coffee table or, often times, your kitchen counter, is a constant reminder of something that you need to take care of. When paper comes in your door do one of three things.  File it away, take Action on it (pay, read, contact someone, etc.), or Toss it.  F.A.T

If you constantly have to move things around in your space in order to use it more effectively then you are wasting time and energy.  I am referring to clothes piled on your bed or items piled on your kitchen table. Refer back to point number 1 above.

Get your house in order

Many clients of mine are quite reluctant to have people over to their homes because they feel their home is not neat and tidy.  This leads to social isolation which studies have shown can be very stressful, impacting negatively on your health.  Getting your house in order is another stress-buster that works amazingly well.


Lastly, a significant amount of stress results from strained relationships with family members.  There may be appointments missed, bills not paid, arguments over the difficulty of locating items in your home or even issues of safety as a result of clutter in your home.  It`s a lot easier to organize than it is to deal with the constant stress and anxiety about mess.

Free yourself

It`s a big decision to finally free yourself and your family of the physical and emotional clutter that`s controlling your life.  Paring down is not always easy and a concerted effort is required as thinking patterns that may be distorted come into play.   The payoffs are incredible. More free time, more control of your things and your environment, happier relationships and a healthier way of life.  Be kind and patient with yourself.  Change takes time and sometimes the assistance of a professional.